6 ways SBLI is different from other insurers.

Around here, we do things a little differently from other insurance companies. And to tell you the truth, we really like it that way. Probably because being different is in our DNA. It was when we were founded in 1907. And it is today.

1) You’re the boss

The thing is, most well-known insurance companies out there are publicly traded. Which means they’re really just working for the people who own their stock. We’re not like that. Around here, you’re the boss. So we’re accountable to customers like you, not Wall Street. We focus on keeping policy costs down instead of keeping stock prices up. And we measure our success in customer satisfaction, not shareholder dividends.

2) We don’t offer the kitchen sink

In short, we’re not trying to be all things to all people. We’re a life insurance company. And we’re happy being a life insurance company. We don’t do homeowner’s insurance or pet insurance. No auto insurance. No flood insurance. No credit cards. Our primary focus is always on one thing — life insurance. And we’d like to think this single-mindedness helps us do it better than anyone else.

3) We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions

Giving everyone the same life insurance policy would be a little like giving everyone the same size shoes. Sure, it’ll work for some people. But for most, it’ll end up being a real pain in the… well, foot. That’s why when you come to SBLI, a seasoned Life Insurance Professional will work with you to make sure you get a tailored solution that’s the best fit for your family and your budget.

4) We’re no corporate giant

Looks can be deceiving. Take us, for example. We’ve been around since 1907. And we have the kind of financial strength you’d expect from an insurance behemoth. But we’re definitely not a faceless corporate giant. Everyone around here knows each other. We go to the annual holiday party together. And we help each other make sure we provide the best possible service to every one of our customers. The bottom line? Exceptional protection meets an exceptionally good customer experience — one in which you’re always treated like a customer, not an account number.

5) You don’t need to be rich

Sure, we’re happy to give rich people policies. But, unlike a lot of insurance companies out there, we don’t chase the rich. In fact, the whole reason we were formed by Louis Brandeis in 1907 was to help everyone get dependable, affordable life insurance, rich and poor alike. So whatever you earn, you’ll still get the same level of service as if you were Bill Gates.

6) We actually listen

We actively seek feedback from every customer so we can make sure their experience was as great as possible. A lot of companies may ask for your review. But here’s the difference: we actually listen to that feedback and learn from it. And, in the rare case a customer has a less-than-great experience with us, we do everything we can to try to make it right. We think that’s one of the reasons people actually seem to like getting life insurance from us. See for yourself. When you’re ready to experience a better way of buying life insurance, we hope you’ll think of us and call at 1-800-630-5000 or get in touch through LiveChat Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am-1:00 pm ET.