Empty Nesters Seeking Lifetime Guarantees

Meet James

James, who is in excellent health, is in his late 50s and is married to Victoria. Together they have three grown children and a nice, growing list of grandchildren. Although he’s not sure if either a new term or a whole life policy is the best option, he does know that without a new policy, his family won’t have any financial protection.

James’ situation

Not having any financial protection isn’t something James is willing to chance. He still wants to be sure that Victoria would be protected in case something happens to him sooner versus later. He also doesn’t want to leave any financial burden on his family. While most of their debts are paid off, he wants to be sure his wife will have zero financial responsibilities to stress over.

Why he chose whole life

James spoke to an expert who explained all of his options. Ultimately, he chose to purchase a $75,000 whole life policy. This amount covered all their remaining debts, and since he couldn’t outlive the policy, it guarantees a financial payment to his family, no matter what.

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