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Whole Life for Children FAQ

  • Does it make sense to get coverage for my children?

    Yes, it makes sense to get coverage for your children in order to guarantee future insurability. However, a parent should never underinsure himself or his spouse in order to pay premiums for a child/children. The first obligation is to cover the breadwinners of the family.

  • When is the ideal age to insure my child?

    As with any life insurance, it is always best to be insured as early as possible before the unexpected happens. It’s even more advantageous for your child to be insured by us, because once the policy is issued, it begins accruing a cash value from which you can borrow.

    Also, children under the age nearest 16 are not required to take a medical exam; parents simply complete questions about the child’s medical history within the application. Additional medical requirements may be necessary at the discretion of the underwriting department. At age nearest 16, your child can still be insured, but a medical exam will be required.

  • Is the application process the same as that for an adult?

    Any applicant who is between age nearest 1 and nearest 15 may apply for a maximum of $100,000 with non-medical questions answered by a parent or legal guardian. Applicants over 15 days to 6 months may apply for a maximum of $25,000. Each application is subject to individual underwriting consideration.

  • What happens when my child grows up?

    SBLI does not have juvenile-specific plans. All plans will continue in accordance with the policy specifications.

  • Is children's life insurance available in my state?

    Click here to view our product availability chart.

  • My child has disabilities. Can he or she still be insured?

    Each application is subject to individual underwriting consideration.