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Let SBLI Help Protect Your Children

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys – and biggest responsibilities. Whether you’re planning to have children, are a new parent or expanding your family, it’s essential to have enough life insurance. A term life policy can help ensure that if anything happens to you, your children can continue to live the lifestyle you've worked so hard to provide.

It’s wise to buy more insurance as your family and your financial obligations grow. You should also consider insuring your children with a whole life policy. Whole life insurance features a cash value from which they can borrow for expenses such as education, and it guarantees future insurability with SBLI.

Below are some helpful guides, calculators and videos.


Understanding Per Stirpes and Per Capita
Learn how about the techniques and classifications to help control the beneficiary designations of your life insurance policy

3 Reasons Your Children Need Life Insurance
Learn the benefits that a whole life insurance policy can provide for your child, and how it can help protect your entire family.


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Term Life Insurance Rate Calculator
Fill in just a handful of information about you and your life insurance goals, and get a monthly rate quote.

Coverage Estimator
Answer some simple questions about yourself to find out how much life insurance coverage you need.

Budget Calculator
Start with how much you want to pay each month and then determine the most coverage available for your budget.

Saving for Retirement Calculator

Saving for College Calculator
Use our college savings calculator to determine how much you should be saving for college on a regular basis.