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Starting a Business

You’ve invested time and money in an exciting new venture. But could your partners afford to keep the business running if something happened to you? Key person insurance is a life insurance policy for business owners that provides your partners with the funds they need to meet payroll, pay office expenses and debt, cover healthcare and retirement benefits and hire your replacement. If you’re a small business owner, run a family business, or are a partner in a private practice or startup business, key person insurance is worth considering.

Below are some helpful guides, calculators and videos.


Do I Need a Buy-Sell Agreement?
Learn which small businesses need a Buy-Sell Agreement and how to structure one funded with a life insurance policy.

What Is Key Person Insurance?
Find out why a small business owner needs key person insurance.

Survival Tactics for Small Business Owners
Learn strategies that can help you cope with the financial problems that plague small business owners during an economic slowdown or its aftermath.


Get the No Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance for Small Businesses: What is key person life insurance and why is it so important?


Term Life Insurance Rate Calculator
Fill in just a handful of information about you and your life insurance goals, and get a monthly rate quote.

Coverage Estimator
Answer some simple questions about yourself to find out how much life insurance coverage you need.

Budget Calculator
Start with how much you want to pay each month and then determine the most coverage available for your budget.

Saving for Retirement Calculator
This preretirement calculator will help you determine how well you are prepared and what you can do to improve your retirement outlook. Find out how much of your salary you should save for retirement on a monthly and yearly basis.