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Starting Over

When a new chapter in your life begins, yesterday’s financial obligations remain. If your spouse passes away, you may be solely responsible for all the debt you and your spouse once shared, including payments on your home, car and children’s education expenses. If you’re getting divorced, you will continue to have financial obligations concerning your children, including significant expenses like paying for college. Adding to your current life insurance policy may be necessary. A serious illness or loss of employment can also have a major impact on your finances and your family’s security.

If you find yourself at a major crossroads in your life, adding to your current life insurance policy can help ensure that your family doesn’t have to shoulder your financial burdens alone if something happens to you.

Below are some helpful guides, calculators and videos.


Starting Over
Learn the steps to rebuild your financial stability when starting over after divorce, separation, death of a spouse, job loss or serious illness.

Six Steps for Protecting Your Credit During a Divorce
Learn how to protect your credit during a divorce.

Why Life Insurance Always Makes Sense
The importance of life insurance to protect your family; and the living benefits of being insured.


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Term Life Insurance Rate Calculator
Fill in just a handful of information about you and your life insurance goals, and get a monthly rate quote.

Coverage Estimator
Answer some simple questions about yourself to find out how much life insurance coverage you need.

Budget Calculator
Start with how much you want to pay each month and then determine the most coverage available for your budget.

Saving for Retirement Calculator
This preretirement calculator will help you determine how well you are prepared and what you can do to improve your retirement outlook. Find out how much of your salary you should save for retirement on a monthly and yearly basis.

Retirement Living Expenses Calculator
Use this calculator to help compare living expenses now with the day you retire. This will also help you plan your saving requirements for the day you retire.