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Thank you for choosing to protect your family’s future with life insurance from SBLI. We offer some of the lowest rates in the country for both men and women, and we are eager to help you get the policy your family needs.

The fastest way to begin is by calling our experienced life insurance professionals at 1-886-630-5000. They'll provide your application and answer any questions, like these commonly asked examples:

What are the steps to approving my policy?

SBLI is committed to providing you with a no nonsense issue process, which means getting coverage will be fast and easy. Read more about the steps to get your coverage.

What can I expect during my paramedical exam?

SBLI will schedule a simple paramedical exam—at no cost to you—in the convenience of your home or workplace. Your professional medical examiner will ask questions about your medical history and conduct an exam.

Check out this short video below for more details and information about how you can prepare for the exam.

How does underwriting determine my rate?

Your SBLI underwriter will review your application and exam results to help you make a decision on your policy and rate. Find out more about how underwriting affects your policy here.