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Our collection of free articles, guides, calculators, financial planning strategies, and other tools can help you determine which life insurance products are right for you and your family at every stage of life.


  1. Coverage Estimator
  2. Budget Calculator
  3. Saving for Retirement Calculator
  4. Saving for College Calculator
  5. Refinance Calculator
  6. Comprehensive Mortgage Calculator
  7. Home Affordability Calculator
  8. Retirement Living Expenses Calculator
  9. Social Security Retirement Income Calculator
  10. Retirement Savings Calculator
  11. Glossary


  1. Adjusting Your Finances as an Empty Nester
  2. How to Protect against Foreclosure with Life Insurance
  3. Do I Need a Buy-Sell Agreement?
  4. Financial Planning as You Approach Retirement
  5. Five Financial I-Dos for Newlyweds
  6. 4 Steps for Managing Financial Challenges as a Caregiver
  7. Home-Buying Homework
  8. Insurance Needs to Consider as a Caregiver
  9. Investment Strategies for Retirees
  10. Retirement Plan
  11. Should You Get a Reverse Mortgage?
  12. Six Steps for Protecting Your Credit During a Divorce
  13. Smart Financial Tips for Retirees
  14. Starting Over
  15. Survival Tactics for Small Business Owners
  16. 3 Reasons Your Children Need Life Insurance
  17. Understanding Per Stirpes and Per Capita
  18. Understanding the "Five Year Look Back" Medicaid Provision
  19. What Is Key Person Insurance?
  20. Why Life Insurance Always Makes Sense


  1. No Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance: How much do I need and what kind?
  2. No Nonsense Guide to Increasing Savings: 25 ways to start saving more today
  3. No Nonsense Guide to Buying a Home: How much you can afford and how to finance it
  4. No Nonsense Guide to Saving for College: How to save for a child at any age
  5. No Nonsense Guide to Improving Finances and Credit: How to reduce your debt and stick to a budget
  6. No Nonsense Guide to Life Insurance for Small Businesses: What is key person life insurance and why is it so important?
  7. No Nonsense Guide to Converting Term to Whole Life: What is whole life and why do I need it?