Melissa Knoll: A Life Lived Fully but Wisely

In 2008 Melissa's husband Greg passed away after battling a rare form of stomach cancer. Melissa found herself unprepared for the aftermath of losing her husband at such a young age. His death was “never part of the plan.” Fortunately, her insurance agent, Joe was with her every step of the way, guiding her through the many personal and financial decisions that followed.

When Greg and Melissa were married in their mid-20s, the two talked with Joe about life insurance. Greg already had the maximum amount of coverage he could get from his employer, but knew he needed more and bought it through Joe.

The life insurance proceeds paid off significant debts that had accumulated during Greg’s illness. They also allowed Melissa to pay off her mortgage and set up college funds for daughters Neva, 11, and Morgan, 6. “Without the insurance I would not have been able to stay in our house and provide a stable life for the girls,” says Melissa.