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Life Insurance from SBLI

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SBLI offers a broad range of life insurance products at some of the lowest rates in the country for men and women. Whether you are about to get married and are looking for the affordable protection of a term life policy, or you want the benefits and security of a whole life insurance policy – SBLI has the right policy for your family.

Our no nonsense approach means straightforward answers to your questions, a convenient and fast process, and an assurance that every family can get a policy that fits their needs and budget.

Nobody wants to leave behind financial burdens for their loved ones. When you’re ready, contact us to begin protecting your loved ones with SBLI.

Term Life

What is term life insurance? A term life insurance policy offers protection for a specific period of time, from 10 to 30 years. You pay your premium during the period of time that you're covered, and SBLI will pay benefits to your loved ones if you pass away.

When would I need it? Going to college, getting married, beginning a new job, starting a family, buying a home or taking out a loan.

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Whole Life

What is whole life insurance? A whole life insurance policy gives you insurance protection while holding cash value. In most cases this value can grow without taxation and you can borrow against it as you see fit.

When would I need it? Getting married, beginning a new job, starting a family, planning for retirement, taking out a loan and covering final expenses such as funeral costs.

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Whole Life Insurance for Children

What is whole life insurance for children? Permanent life insurance which provides a guaranteed death benefit and cash value. Money from the cash value can be borrowed to pay any expenses. Each policy is also eligible to receive dividends.

When would I need it? Have or having a child, protecting a grandchild. As early as 15 days after your child or grandchild is born, and up to the child’s 15th birthday.